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15% official JULIUS-K9® harnesses

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IDC® Powerharness

puppy wearing julius k9 IDC dog harness


Our flagship dog harness. It comes in a wide range of designs and sizes that ensure maximum comfort and safety for fully grown dogs or puppies of any breeds.

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IDC® Longwalk Hiking Harness

dog in woodland wearing idc longwalk hiking harness

The award-winning IDC® Longwalk harness has been specially developed for long woodland walks, hilly hikes, and mountain trails. It won’t let you down whatever the terrain or weather throws at you.

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IDC® Powair Lightweight Harness

promo image of powair harness

Planning ahead for summer? The IDC® Powair is the perfect choice. Lightweight and breathable dog harness designed to keep your dog cool on hot days. It has quick drying material, perfect for when your dog wants to take a quick dip to cool off.

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Color & Gray® IDC® Belt Harnesses

dog with stick in lake wearing IDC belt harness

This belt harness from the Color & Gray® series is fully adjustable and has been developed to be easy fitting, secure, and comfortable for your dog to wear over long periods. Ideal for smaller breeds and walking around the city.

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IDC® Guide Dog Harness

promo of IDC guide dog harness with handle

An adapted version of our popular IDC® Powerharness which has been specially designed for service and guide dogs to aid visually impaired owners. Handles sold separately in 45cm and 90cm lengths

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