For all those wondering what happened to our Facebook Page ( it was removed without warning or explanation by Facebook.

We have been in contact with Facebook over the last few weeks about why they removed our official UK page but they were unable to give us an answer. We were simply told that the page “must have violated Facebook policy”. When we asked for more details on how our page could have violated policy, they couldn’t tell us, or explain in anyway why the page was deleted.

This is extremely frustrating. We have only ever shared blog posts, interacted with customers, and promoted sales and special offers on our page. We have literally no idea how anything we have ever posted could have violated any Facebook policies. Again, they offered us zero warning about this removal, didn’t even inform us it was removed, and couldn’t provide a single reason why it was removed.

We understand that many users contracted us via Facebook with questions about our products, but we have no choice but to leave Facebook behind as a platform.

We are of course happy to answer all of your questions. You can contact us via our contact form here.

Or email us at:

Thank you,

Julius K9 UK