The Julius K9 IDC® Front Control Y Belt is an attachable chest pad for the IDC® Powerharness.It easily fits to the front of the harness for extra comfort and safety, and also has a D-Ring which allows front leash attachment.


Attachment Instructions

diagram of how to fit the IDC Front Control Y Belt to the IDC Powerharness


Step 1: open the front fastener on your IDC® Powerharness.

Step 2: slide the front IDC® Powerharness fastener out of its holder.

Step 3: slide the front D-Ring of the IDC® Front Control Y Belt onto the IDC® Powerharness fastener. Make sure the D-Ring is facing outwards and is in the middle of the harness strap. This is so it sits comfortably on your dog’s chest.

Step 4: tear off the hook and loop fastener protector on the IDC® Front Control Y Belt and firmly pad it down so it is securely fixed to the hook-and-loop fastener on the IDC® Powerharness.

Step 5: slide IDC® Powerharness fastener back through its holder.

Step 6: secure the IDC® Powerharness hook and loop fastener back down so it fastens to the IDC® Front Control Y Belt.

Step 7: unfasten the hook and loop belly strap on the IDC® Front Control Y Belt.

Step 8: loop the belly strap around the IDC® Powerharness belly strap.

Step 9: now refasten the IDC® Front Control Y Belt belly strap. Make sure it is straight and central.


Video Guide


Y-Belt Features

  • The front D-Ring allows dog leads to be attached to the front of the harness.
  • It’s designed to distribute pressure more evenly across the dog’s chest and belly to improve comfort and safety.
  • Made from highly durable and water resistant nylon webbing.
  • Suitable for use with the IDC® Powerharness and our entire IDC® harness range.

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