Millions of pet lovers had been searching for the solution for many years to ignore anxious moments before the walk, when a harness made of complicated straps must be forced on a tumbling dog. Professional army and rescue forces also needed a dog harness for professional purposes.

Evidence and Solution: The Hungarian Developed Dog Harness

Sebo Gyula (Julius) inventor, who is behind the Austrian-Hungarian JULIUS-K9 brand name, has recognized the demand for the harness not only in Europe, but globally as well, and he made an innovation on the market of dog equipments.

The owner of JULIUS-K9® brand name has been improving, testing and thinking hard since more than 20 years for one single purpose: for happy moments with dogs. His purpose is the following: every dog and owner could spend a pleasant time together, independently of activities, like day-to-day walking, doing sport with dogs or performing a service assignment.

The story of the succesful dog harness was beginning in 1997. The K9® Powerharness was built within a garage-sized family business. This was the first harness which offered such solutions for dog owners which had never been used before, like elastic flashlight-holder on the special shaped saddle part; patches with hook&loop fastener with messages on both sides of the harness; reflective chest strap and edging; adjustable chest strap on which special chest pads can be fastened depending on the dog’s chest structure. Further innovations are sidebags which can be fastened to the harness and built-in closable handles which help during raising the dog.

The usage and reliability of K9® Powerharness is well-proven by the fact that Austrian and German army and rescue forces have been widely use it since 2003.

Always Demanding Perfection

IDC® Powerharness was launched into the market in 2010. It was the improved and updated successor of K9® Powerharness, which was the first harness of JULIUS-K9®. In 2014 on Dogs Awards – contest of the German Dogs Magazin – it won first prize in dog equipment category and in 2015 it won the Hungarian Product Grand Prize as well.

IDC® is the first dogharness on the world, of which anatomical suitability and advantages in case of leading the dog by a leash are supported by physical and trigonometric calculations. IDC® Powerharness is realized as an updated combination of Y-harness encompassing the neck and chest harness fitting on the breast. Because of the design of the chest strap and the saddle part, load on the neck part is avoidable. The most important innovation of the harness is the division of the load on the dog by the tilt of the chest strap in the most optimal way – leaving the opportunity to fasten several sizes of chest pads and paddings afterwards –, that is why it is a succesful and favourite product on freight competitions and on speed tournaments.

Nowadays JULIUS-K9® has became one of the largest dog-equipment manufacturer brands in Europe and it can be found in all continents of the world by its products being made in Hungary. The company’s work is appriciated by professional awards, for example, in 2017, JULIUS-K9® brand name has won ’the most favourite brand’ award on Pet Fair Asia, in Shanghai.

Millions of Dog Trainers and Owners Trust JULIUS-K9

Many satisfied dog trainers and owners have been using JULIUS-K9®’s products for many years. In many cases they give feedbacks to the manufacturer in the form of fascinating stories about the owner’s and dog’s satisfaction with the harness. It is not surprising. When the dog owner buys such a harness, he can be sure of the fact that before launching every single new product on the market, long test period, quality checks and asking for expert’s advices are preceded.

The excellent quality of IDC and K9 dog harnesses are ensured by straps from Germany, buckles made from Swiss materials and the manufacturing process controlled by tensile tests and other load tests.

If we look for a quality dog equipment and we would like to put a comfortable and safe harness on our dog, then let’s search for the world-famous JULIUS-K9® products, because they are well-proven.