We are very proud to introduce our brand new range of official dry dog food. The special grain-free kibble has been blended in perfect proportions by our team of dog nutrition experts with decades of experience and offer a balanced die for both domestic pets and working dogs.

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Products available in pack sizes: 340g, 3kgand 10kg.

Formulas specially developed for puppies, adult dogs,and senior dogs.

Flavours available:

  • Lamb & Herb
  • Wild Boar & Cranberry
  • Rabbit & Rosemary
  • Duck & Par
  • Salmon & Spinach

The Nutrition Your Dog Needs

Our dog food is available in a wide variety of flavours with their own unique properties to support your dog’s needs.

City Dogs:An increasing number of city living urban dogs are prone to obesity with many dogs living in flats, meaning they face fewer opportunities for physical activity compared to their country-side peers. Our special blend focuses on a lean protein diet with a cocktail of herbs that help them ward off hereditary and obesity related health disorders.

Utility Working Dogs:Working dogs need to maintain their energy, strength and focus over long periods of sustained activity. Due to their work, these dogs need stronger muscle mass. They are more prone to injuries, infections and joint problems. Many of these specific breeds are also prone to allergies to common dog food ingredients. Our Utility Dog range blends protein, vitamins and herbs to help keep them fit and healthy.

Race Dogs: These dogs are subjected to short, sporadic bursts of intense activity which may range from morning runs with their athletic owners to professional greyhound racing. The dogs need high stamina, strong muscles and agility. Our Race Dog blend helps them recover quickly from intense exercise.

Carefully Formulated Recipes For Different Needs

julius k9 dog food formulas overview

We offer different dog food formulas for different needs, including grain-free recipes, chicken-free hypoallergenic formulas, and fish-free formulas. Always check the product description before ordering and the label - Some recipes contain chicken, some recipes contain fish. 

Grain Free Recipes: Our products are gluten and grain-free. We do not use any fillers such as corn, wheat, rice, soy, nor sorghum.

Made in Europe: To ensure the utmost quality and authenticity of our dry food kibble, all ingredients are sourced from within the EU.

Intestinal Flora Support: Our ingredients support the growth of beneficial bacteria, essential for maintaining a healthy intestinal flora.

No Added Sugar:We do not compromise on your dog's wellbeing. Therefore, we do not add any sugar to any of our products.

Joint Protection:Large dog breeds are prone to joint problems later in life. Our special ingredients provide support to help keep joints healthy.

High Energy Formula: Our Utility and Race dog blends help maintain higher energy levels and maximizes your dogs performance.

Chicken-Free Formula Options: Some dogs are allergic to chicken and so we have adapted some hypoallergenic recipes to cater to these sensitive dogs. Some recipes do include chicken and poultry, so please always read the product description.

Are poultry-free kibble recipes are:  Lamb & Herb Adult | Lamb & Herb Senior | Lamb & Puppy | Wild Boar & Berry Adult | Salmon & Spinach Adult

Fish-Free Formula Options: For dog’s who have a fish allergy we created our Duck & Pear kibble recipe. Other recipes do include fish, so please always read the product description.

Are range of fish-free dog food includes:Duck & Pear Puppy | Duck & Pear Adult