offical idc harness and a fake

The Julius K9 brand is known and trusted by professional handlers and pet owners in Britain and across Europe. We are proud to supply our harnesses to all of the UK’s police forces where they are used with protection dogs and search and rescue dogs.

Our harnesses are designed to be safe, secure and withstand day to day use from the biggest and strongest dogs.

Due to our fantastic reputation the Julius K9 brand is a target for counterfeiters who flood the web with fake, unsafe harnesses with our name and logo. These counterfeit harnesses are poorly made and nowhere near the extremely high standards of our official product.

Fakes Being Sold In The UK

poorly made counterfeit harness

Despite our best efforts to get these fake harnesses off third party websites, they still continue to be sold – even on well known websites.

We were recently featured on BBC program Fake Britain, highlighting the safety problems occurring in these counterfeit products.

You can see the segment on BBC iPlayer here (our segment starts at 22:10) :

The Test

product testing

The program conducted stress tests of our official Size 1 IDC Powerharness which is recommended for dogs weighing up to 30kg.

The maximum force our official harness can withstand was 416kg - an extremely good result.

The fake could only withstand a force of 156kg.

test results

How To Spot A Fake?

It is important to do your research of the seller before making any online purchase. On sites like Amazon and eBay, always checks seller’s name and look at reviews. If the see our IDC Powerharness is vastly cheaper than the average price then there is a high chance that it is counterfeit.

Our prices start at £19.99 for the smallest harness (Baby 1) to £44.99 for our largest size (Size 4).

The counterfeiters are getting better at imitating our official look so it’s getting tougher to spot fakes. On the websites, they also use our official product photos so you can’t always tell by looking at the images.

Our USA division have put together a handy guide in spotting if you have received a fake harness:


What Should I Do If I Have A Fake?

If you have any concerns that a site is selling fake products using our brand then you can contact us directly:

Phone: +44 (0) 1405 860574

You could also be entitled to a full refund from the third party website or vendor from where you bought it. More information on this here: