Dear Customer,

Julius-K9® was the first European company to be committed to the research and development of high quality dog harnesses since our beginnings over 20 years ago.

We have created harnesses with iconic designs and with unquestionable quality. As a result of our fantastic reputation for quality and safety, this has caused many rival companies to try and mimic our patented designs. This is also true for retailers who cannot manufacture harnesses themselves and who only import dog harnesses from overseas, which are available at a low price and can be sold at a huge profit.

Many fake products baring our name and logo with zero affiliation to us have flooded the market all over the world and here in the UK. We have fought hard against these counterfeiters and our fight was covered on the BBC programme Fake Britain.  

Julius-K9® products are often attacked by inferior rival companies with vested interests and have no regard for quality or safety standards. These attacks look to damage Julius-K9®’s excellent reputation and are nothing but slander.

The attacks take the form of a tactical and clear Negative Marketing Campaign  and are launched from various social networking sites, so it is easier for the culprits to escape prosecution.

It's not only their claims (which lack any scientific basis) that cause considerable damage, but
their attempts to also negatively attack all harness types manufactured and sold by Julius-K9®.

It is our in shared interest that dog owners choose the right harness for any specific activity. The product line of JuliusK9® does not and cannot include harnesses harmful to your dog’s wellbeing. We always clearly note that choosing the right size harness is vital to your dog’s safety and comfort and that the harness should always be correctly adjusted. We offer clear guides on how to measure and adjust the harness.

It is also important to use different harness types sold by Julius-K9®for their intended purpose. We kindly ask that you therefore consult the website for relevant information before purchase.

We carry out comprehensive scientific tests on all products to ensure the maximum benefit for both dog and owner. Here are a few examples of this: