When daylight savings time ends and the clocks go back it can be difficult to get the second walk in before the sun goes down. Taking your dog for a walk after dark means it’s important to keep your four-legged friend visible and safe.

Kitting your dog out with UV and light reflective gear helps ensure they are seen by all. We stock a range of harnesses, leads, collars and other accessories that can help.


UV Harnesses

dog wearing a high vis harness

Harnesses are ideal for keeping your dog comfortable on long walks, and wearing a reflective and bright one increases your dog’s visibility to vehicles, cyclists, and to any passerby.

Our popular IDC ® Powerharnesses come in several UV forms, including Neon Green, UV Green, and Denim with a Neon edging.


Fluorescent Collars

dog wearing a reflective collar


If your dog doesn’t like wearing harnesses then consider swapping their regular collar for a light reflective one. Just remember to replace their ID tags as it’s the law.

Our range of IDC Lumino Fluorescent Dog Collars come in a selection of bright colours with reflective  trim including Neon, Red and Pink, as well as range of sizes.


Glow In The Dark Leads

dogs at dusk wearing high vis leads

Why not double your visibility by using a glow in the dark dog lead with their UV harness or collar? These leashes not only improve the chances of your dog being seen but helps yourself stand out as well.

We sell IDC® Lumino Fluorescent Dog Leashes in a variety of sizes and colours.


Neon Trimmed Dog Vests

dog in snow with protective neon trim vest


In winter you might consider fitting your dog with a protective vest. Instead of choosing darker colours, why not choose bright, neon colours or ones with reflective edging to further improve your chances of being seen.

Our highly durable IDC® Waterproof Dog Vests help your dog keep warm and dry and come in a selection of colours and sizes.


Safety Lights

LED bullet light being used in the dark

When it comes to ensuring you’re seen crossing the road, or keeping track of your dog if you let it off the lead in the appropriate place, you can’t go too wrong with fixing a light to their harness.  

We sell LED bullet torch lights and flashing Guardian safety lights which both can be easily attached to our IDC Powerharnesses and come in a range of colours.