muzzle Police for female Mali

Leather Police Muzzle for Malinois Dogs (Female)

Leather Police Muzzle for German Shepherds

Leather Police Muzzle for German Shepherds

Leather Police Muzzle for Malinois Dogs (Male)

Police standard dog muzzle made from tough and strong leather, suitable for larger male breeds with shorter snouts, including Malimois Dogs.
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Leather Police Muzzle for Larger Dog's with Short Snouts (Female)

Breed: Malinois Dogs (Female)
Muzzle: Leather, metal and synthetic rubber
Colour: Black
Weight Class: 25 kg - 50 kg

Especially designed for service dogs for bite work and protection training, this leather police muzzle is strengthened with a metal protective liner. For added handler protection, it has a tough synthetic rubber guard covering the snout. In addition, the highly secure safety buckle has a quick release feature.

The fit also ensures that the dog stays comfortable over long periods of use.

All of Julius K9's muzzles are durable, long lasting and are trusted by professional dog trainers and pet owners alike.

Size Guide: Always measure your dog to ensure correct fit

Circle: 29 cm
Length: 9 cm
Height: 8 cm

Available Police Muzzles:
  • Malinois Dogs (Female)
  • Malinois Dogs (Male)
  • German Shepherds
  • Dobermans
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