Responsible pet owners know it is dangerous to leave your dog locked in a vehicle when it is hot outside, even with the windows cracked open. It is also important to be aware of a car’s temperate when travelling, as temperatures can be 8-10+ degrees hotter in the back of the vehicle, especially when driving on the motorway.

Keeping your car cool on the go can also be difficult as it’s not a good idea to travel with the windows open where your dog can easily stick his head out. Passing traffic or road signs could strike your dog’s head. Debris also poses a danger, including small objects like grass seed or bugs which could damage the dog’s eye or lead to an infection. The safest way to create a draft is to open windows at the front of the car, away from your dog. You can also buy window guards to prevent them poking their heads out.

Pet Temperature Alarms

Ensuring your dog is at a comfortable temperature can feel like guess work, but there are also temperature alarms which will alert you when temperatures begin to rise.

AnimAlarm is a text message alert service we sell on-site (£179.99) which allows you to set trigger temperatures that sends alerts directly to your mobile, informing you of every 1°C or 2°F increase. The alarm is portable so can be easily setup in different vehicles or locations. So if you leave your dog at home and are worried about him during a sudden heat wave, you will be altered to any temperature rises.

It uses roaming GSM network so keeps up to date with the latest weather and shows your predictions throughout the day. It is very easy to setup which you can see in the instructional video below: