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  1. Dogfest 2019

    dogfest 2019 festival dates

    Julius K9 UK are excited to be involved with the action packed summer dog festival, Dogfest. Events taking place this summer in Hertfordshire, Cheshire and Bristol.

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  2. National Police Dog Trials 2019

    police dog trails 2019 event details

    Julius K9 UK will be attending the 59th annual Police Dog Trails taking place in Newport South Wales from May 17th to 19th. Free, family friendly event.

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  3. 25% Off All IDC Dog Harnesses

    Sale - 25% off all IDC Dog Harnesses!

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  4. Beige IDC Powerharness Clearance Sale

    25% Off All IDC Dog HarnessesSave 20% on Beige IDC Powerharness in our clearance sale!
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  5. A Brief History of Julius K9 Harnesses

    A quick history of the development of the classic Powerharness and the more modern IDC dog harness.
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  6. Belgian Shepherd Sets New National Speed Record

    German Shepherd Maya sets a new national speed record of running 800 metres in 2 minutes and hitting 30 km/h.
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  7. The History of Dog Harnesses

    An overview of the history of harnesses throughout human history and how they inspired Julius K9's designs.
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  8. Julius K9 at DogFest 2018

    Julius K9 has been attending all three DogFest 2018 events and you can come and visit us at DogFest Bristol this coming weekend.
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  9. A Quick Guide to Preventing Dog Fleas

    Regular but simple treatments are very important to prevent fleas, but there are also some basic housekeeping and dog grooming steps you can take to help stop a flea infestation taking over your home.
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  10. Classic Julius K9 Powerharness Clearance Sale & Delivery Charge Price Drop

    The original Julius K9 Powerharness is now in clearance with 40% off all harnesses. Delivery cost now reduced by 40% too!
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