How To Correctly Measure Your Dog For A Harness

Read our handy measuring guide to help you fit a harness that provides maximum safety and comfort for your dog.


harness size guide

Taking Your Dog's Measurements Correctly

Place 4 fingers behind the front legs to find where to measure the chest (girth) circumference for harness sizes 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4; and 2 fingers to take measurements for sizes Baby1 and Baby2.


Before putting on the harness, it is very important to adjust the chest strap and the lower strap under the chest correctly. If the straps are too loose, the dog might be able to back out of the harness. When the lower strap under the chest is too tight, it is uncomfortable for the dog. 

To adjust the velcro chest strap, open it and loop it through the oval ring which is on the front side of the harness.

When the chest strap is too tight

When the chest strap is too tight, the buckle rubs against the dog's skin in the armpit area, which can cause chafing. If the lower strap under the chest is adjusted correctly, there should be enough room for you to fit your fingers between the dog's back and the harness. Please watch the below video showing how to fit the harness correctly.

Watch How To Fit A Harness:


What To Do If The Dog Back Out Of The Harness?

In case your dog attempts to slip out of the harness by backing out of it, or tries to pull its head out of the collar, avoid pulling the leash.


Choosing The Correct Harness Size Is Essential for Safety & Comfort

Choosing the wrong harness size


The right harness size

The right harness size should leave the dog with enough room in the shoulder area and it should be able to move its legs freely. If the harness is too big, the dog might step over the chest strap with its front legs.

JULIUS-K9® holds no responsibility for any injuries resulting from choosing the wrong harness size or incorrect harness adjustment.

Washing Instructions

Do not Machine wash! Hand wash. Maximum temperature 40°C or 105°F. Wash separately!


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