Julius K9 Product FAQ

Find frequently asked questions about our harnesses and other products. If you have any other questions you can contact us directly.


What’s the difference between the K9® and IDC® Powerharness?

The Julius K9 IDC® Powerharness is the newer version of our original K9® Powerharness. The upgraded IDC® harness has been designed to be more comfortable for dogs, has improved security and safety features, and has greater options for harness attachments and harness accessories. For a more detailed overview see our Julius K9 IDC® vs. K9® Original Powerharness article.


Are Julius K9 harnesses machine washable?

Machine washing is not recommended and you should hand wash your harness instead. Machine washing our harnesses can misshapen them or scratch your washing machine due to the heavy duty buckle. Some owners place the harness inside a pillow case when machine washing, but it is best if you hand wash. See our Julius K9 Harness Cleaning Guide for more information.


If the harness or collar doesn’t fit, can I return it?

Yes. If the item doesn’t fit your dog you must notify us within 14 days. You then have another 14 days from this notice period to send your order back to us for a refund. All returned items must be clean and free of dog hair. For more information on our full returns policy and how to return items see our Returns Policy page.


How should a Julius K9 harness fit?

A well fitted harness allows enough room to fit your fingers between the dog’s back and the harness. The front strap should fit against your dog’s chest without drooping toward the legs or riding up toward the neck. For a complete guide on fitting read our Harness Measuring Guide.


Do Julius K9 harnesses restrict movement?

No. All Julius K9 harnesses have been designed not to change your dog’s natural walking pattern. This was proven by independent scientific biomechanical tests. You can read the results of this study here


Are Julius K9 harnesses bad for dogs’ shoulders?

No. A well fitted harness does not restrict movement or impede the shoulder area. There is zero scientific evidence that our harnesses are bad for your dog. We have manufactured harnesses for over twenty years and have independent biomechanical studies proving our harnesses do not hamper natural movement or cause harm. 


Are Julius K9 harnesses good for running?

Yes. To prove this we put our IDC® Powerharness on various breeds and tested them on a real dog race track. The results showed there was only a 0.04% difference in speed when the dogs were wearing the harness compared to not wearing it. See the results for yourself in our Harness Speed Test article.


Are Julius K9 harnesses no-pull?

No. We do not market any of our harnesses as no-pull or anti-pull. Pulling is a training issue and not an equipment fix. However, our harnesses are designed to distribute weight evenly across the torso, chest, and back which helps minimize the discomfort and injuries which can occur when your dog pulls.


Are Julius K9 harnesses escape proof?

Are harnesses are highly secure but they are not straitjackets. Our harnesses are front fitting with adjustable chest and tummy straps which ensure a comfortable but safe and secure fit. They are trusted all over the world by police canine units and private security firms. For added security you can also add an additional chest strap.


Are Julius k9 harnesses waterproof?

All of our IDC® Powerharnesses are water-resistant. We also sell a range of waterproof dog leads, collars, and other accessories.


Are Julius K9 harnesses suitable for use in water?

Yes. All of our harnesses are water-resistant and are perfectly fine in water. So if your dog likes swimming and jumping into water that’s not a problem.


How many colours does IDC® Powerharnesses come in?

Over 30. Our harnesses come in a wide range of colours and styles, including country flags. Stock levels depend which ones are available to buy on our site.


Is Julius K9 chest strap adjustable?

Yes. The front chest strap uses a hook-and-loop system so it can be tightened and adjusted for the perfect fit.


How do you use the harness D-Ring?

The D-Ring is for attaching dog leads. All Julius K9 leads use a highly secure carabiner which you simply clip onto the D-Ring at the back of the harness. If you prefer a front fitting lead you can attach the IDC® Control Y Belt with front D-Ring.


How do you to attach the IDC® Chest Pad?

Simply pull open the hook-and-loop strap on the back of the chest pad and wrap it over the front strap of the IDC® Powerharnesses.  Then open the hook-and-loop strap on the front of the chest pad and wrap this around the bottom tummy strap of the IDC® Powerharnesses. Watch the video fitting guide here.