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Made from highly durable and easy to clean weather resistant polyester webbing. Suitable for all weather conditions.

How do I measure my dog for a collar?

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Durable Collar Suitable For All Weather Conditions

Material: Polyester Webbing 

Colours: Black, Red, Neon Green, Blue, Pink, and Orange 

Sizes: 27-42cm, 39-65cm 

Handle: No (Handle version available here

Changeable Label: No

From our very popular Color & Gray® brand, this webbed, weather resistant, dog collar is made from highly durable material built to withstand intense wear and tear as well as tough weather conditions. The heavy-duty buckle and safety lock keep your dog secure. The size can be easily adjusted to ensure an safe and comfortable fit.

The collar is suitable for both long and short haired dogs and has been designed not to irritate fur.

Product Features:

  • Made from highly durable weather proof polyester webbing
  • Doesn't irritate fur
  • Heavy duty buckle for secure fixing
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Secure ring for attaching leads and leashes
  • Easy to clean

This collar is available in two sizes so please measure the circumference of your dog's neck to ensure the correct collar length is worn.

The heavy duty central ring allows for simple and secure attachments of leads and leashes.

Please note: This collar does not include a lead. Find high quality dog leads from Julius-K9® here.

Suitable For Puppies

Thanks to its durability and anti-fur irritation design, the Color & Gray® Webbed Collar makes for the perfect starter collar for your puppy.

Suitable puppy collar size: Small (L: 27-42 cm)

Dog Collars You Can Trust

Here at Julius-K9® we take pride in our products. All of our official collars are thoroughly tested to ensure they are to the highest standards of quality and durability. This is why we are trusted by pet owners and professional dog trainers all over Europe.

Collar Size By Breed

*The below table of breeds and IDC® Color & Gray® All Weather Dog Collar sizes is meant as a guide only and is based on the average breed neck size.

Your dog's harness size may differ based on sex, age, and diet. You should always measure the neck circumference of your dog to ensure a safe and comfortable fit before purchase. A poorly fitted collar is unsafe.

Follow our collar measuring guide.


BreedAverage Breed Neck SizeRecommended* IDC® Color & Gray® All Weather Dog Collar (No Handle) Size
beagle30-45 cm27cm - 42cm (small)
bloodhound55-71 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
border collie35-45 cm27cm - 42cm (small)
border terrier28-33 cm27cm - 42cm (small)
boston terrier30-45 cm27cm - 42cm (small)
boxer40-55 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
chihuahua20-35 cm27cm - 42cm (small)
cocker spaniel30-45 cm27cm - 42cm (small)
dachshund40-50 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
doberman45-61 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
english bulldog45-61 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
german shepherd45-61 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
golden retriever40-60 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
great dane50-66 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
greyhound35-45 cm27cm - 42cm (small)
jack russel25-35 cm27cm - 42cm (small)
king charles25-40 cm27cm - 42cm (small)
labrador45-61 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
mastiff66-71 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
poodle30-45 cm27cm - 42cm (small)
pug30-40 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
rottweiler24-76 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
saint bernard66-81 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
shih tzu25 - 35 cm27cm - 42cm (small)
siberian husky40-55 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
staffordshire bull terrier35-50 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
west highland terrier35-40 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
whippet33-38 cm39cm - 65cm (large)
yorkshire terrier15-30 cm27cm - 42cm (small)
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