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Our flagship dog harness suitable for full-grown dogs and puppies of all breeds. It's durability, level of comfort, and security make it the go-to harness for professional dog handlers and pet owners across Europe.


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The Official IDC®POWERHARNESS – The Ultimate Dog Harness for any situation

Have full control and complete security for any walk. The official IDC®Powerharness is your dog harness for bustling urban outings, early-morning woodland walks, or night-time strolls.

Designed to keep your dog safe, secure, and comfortable, the IDC®Powerharness can also be simply fitted in an instant.


Harness Features:

  • Scientifically proven comfort. The harness evenly distributes the power to the dog’s chest instead of the neck – greatly reducing stress
  • Provides maximum leash control
  • Water resistant material 
  • Exceptionally simple to fit and remove
  • Made in the EU using German materials
  • Antiallergenic, skin-friendly, OEKO-TEX certified lining
  • High-visibility, glow-in-the-dark and reflective stitching
  • Recommended by dog trainers, vets, search and rescue teams, and working dog organizations for 10+ years
  • Sturdy handles that can be strapped down when not in use with a hook-and-loop strip (sizes Mini-Mini & Mini) or a rubber flap with popper (sizes 0 to 4)
  • Over 20 years in dog harness development

Controlled Lead Handling

We have optimized IDC® Powerharness to provide you maximum control while also providing maximum comfort for your dog.

The harnesses’ chest strap is parallel to the leash ring - allowing the pullback you give to be felt by your dog in the most efficient and safe manner. This means that you can hold back or stop your dog when you need to with less effort.

The wide chest strap and the optional IDC® Chest Pad help distribute the power over the chest for the proper comfort of your pet.


Expert Design No Matter Your Dog’s Size

If you’re buying a harness for a puppy, a fully grown dog, or for a smaller breed, the IDC®Powerharness is the smart choice.

The structure of the harness differs between sizes, ensuring the same level of comfort and control is provided no matter how big or small your dog.


Getting The Right Harness For Your Puppy

When first taking your puppy out into the world, a harness can be the practical choice as they get used to being on a lead. The IDC® Powerharness provides puppies with excellent comfort and safety while offering you complete leash control. All sizes of the IDC® Powerharness, including the smallest ones, have been individually shaped to ensure the right fit.

Suitable puppy sizes include: Baby 1, Baby 2, Mini-Mini,and Mini

It's important to get the perfect fitted harness, so make sure to measure puppy’s chest circumference correctly.


Getting The Right Harness Size

A well fitting harness is important for your dog's safety and comfort. For a full sizing chart and information on how to measure your dog for a correct fit, please see our dog harness measuring guide.


Guaranteed Quality

Here at Julius-K9® we're proud of our products and every one of our dog harnesses are thoroughly tested to ensure they are extremely durable. That's why we are the trusted brand of professional dog handlers, trainers, and pet owners alike all across Europe.


K9-Powerharness® Upgrade

Through research and development, the IDC®Powerharness has been upgraded from the original K9-Powerharness® to be more comfortable, more secure, and more versatile:

Improved Comfort:Angled chest strap to ensure a better fit which reduces discomfort when warn over long periods.

Improved Security:Closable handle on the top of the harness, helping fix the dog’s lead into place on controlled walks, and securing the loose ring when let off-lead.

Improved Versatility: Duel flashlight holders have been added to allow the attachment of IDC®  official  dog safety lights to aid visibility at night. Saddle bags and chest straps attachments are also available.


Attachable Extras

  • Customise your dog’s looks with interchangeable harness badges and labels with a wide variety of styles and messages. Or write a personal badge of your own.
  • IDC® Chest Pad for additional power distribution and comfort.
  • Saddle Bags for storage and carrying. Only compatible for Size 0 and up.
  • Harness Lights to stay extra visible while out on walks at night.


Harness Sizing and Weight Overview

IDC® Powerharness SizeChest Girth MeasurementDog Weight
3XS / Baby 129 - 36 cm0.8 - 3 kg
2XS / Baby 233 - 45 cm2 - 5 kg
XS / Mini-Mini40 - 53 cm4 - 7 kg
S / Mini49 - 67 cm7 - 15 kg
M / Size 058 - 76 cm14 - 25 kg
L / Size 163 - 85 cm23 - 30 kg
XL / Size 271 - 96 cm28 - 40 kg
2XL / Size 382 - 115 cm40 - 70 kg
3XL / Size 496 - 138 cm70 - 90 kg


Harness Size By Breed

*The below table of breeds and IDC® Powerharness sizes is meant as a guide only and is based on the average breed chest size. Your dog's harness size may differ based on sex, age, and diet. You should always measure the chest circumference of your dog to ensure a safe and comfortable fit before purchase. A poorly fitted harness is unsafe.

Follow our instructional harness measuring guide here to get a perfect fit.

BreedCommon IDC® Powerharness Sizes* 
beaglemini-mini, size 0, size 1
bloodhoundsize 2, size 3, size 4
border colliesize 0, size 1
border terriermini-mini, mini
boston terriermini-mini, mini
boxersize 1, size 2
chihuahuababy 1, baby 2, mini-mini
cocker spanielmini, size 0
dachshundmini-mini, mini
dobermansize 1, size 2, size 3
english bulldogsize 0
german shepherdsize 1, size 2, size 3
golden retrieversize 1, size 2, size 3
great danesize 2, size 3, size 4
greyhoundsize 1
jack russelmini-mini, mini
king charlesmini-mini, mini
labradorsize 0, size 1, size 2
mastiffsize 2, size 3, size 4
poodlesize 0
pugmini-mini, mini
rottweilersize 1, size 2, size 3
saint bernardsize 3, size 4
shih tzumini-mini, mini
siberian huskysize 0, size 1, size 2
staffordshire bull terriersize 0, size 1
west highland terriermini-mini, mini
yorkshire terrierbaby 1, baby 2, mini-mini, mini
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