The IDC® Powerharness is the newer, upgraded, version of our original K9-Powerharness®. Through research and development, the IDC® Powerharness has been designed to be more comfortable, offer improved security and safety, and allow more attachments like safety lights and saddle bags.


Overview of Changes

Improved Comfort: The IDC® Powerharness has an angled chest strap to ensure a better, more comfortable fit.

Reduced Size:The IDC® upgrade has smaller sides, reducing the coverage area. This improves comfort when worn over long periods and lessens any restrictions to movement.

Improved Security: TheIDC® has a closable handle on the top of the harness which helps lock the dog’s leash into place while also securing the D-ring, improving safety off-leash.

Improved Versatility: Duel flashlight holders have been added to the IDC®  harness allowing for attachment of IDC®  official safety lights. Saddle bags and chest straps attachments can also be equipped.

All Improvements

  • The chest strap of the IDC®Powerharness minimizes the load on the dog’s neck.
  • The chest strap of the IDC® sweeps upward toward the direction of the leash holder D-ring, leaving the dog’s throat freer.
  • The side saddle sections of the IDC® are smaller, covering far less of the dog.
  • The attachable labels on the sides of the IDC® Powerharness are now more visible from the side and above.
  • IDC® Powerharnesses Sized 0 and above have safer rubber strap grip fixings and have torch holders, allowing easily safety light attachment.
  • Saddle bags can be attached to the sides of the IDC® Powerharnesses.
  • Front fitting chest pads and straps can be added, allowing improved comfort and more versatile control over the dog, including the option to add front lead attachment.
  • The IDC® has an option for a closable top handle. This fixes leashes into place and helps prevent the handle getting snagged on branches and objects when the dog is off leash.

Sizing Differences

There are some differences in the sizing between the IDC® Powerharness and the K9-Powerharness®. Some sizes remain the same, while others differ only slightly. The IDC® also comes in a new larger size, Size 4.

To be on the safe side, it is recommended you re-measure your dog if you are buying an IDC® Powerharness to upgrade from the K9-Powerharness®.

Sizing Comparison

 IDC® Powerharness K9-Powerharness® 
Harness SizeIDC Chest SizeIDC Dog WeightK9 Chest SizeK9 Dog Weight
Baby 129 - 36 cm0.8 - 3 kg29 - 36 cm1 - 3 kg
Baby 233 - 45 cm2 - 5 kg33 - 45 cm2.5 - 5 kg
Mini-Mini40 - 53 cm4 - 7 kg40 - 53 cm4 - 7 kg
Mini49 - 67 cm7 - 15 kg51 - 67 cm7 - 15 kg
058 - 76 cm14 - 25 kg58 - 76 cm13 - 25 kg
163 - 85 cm23 - 30 kg66 - 85 cm23 - 30 kg
271 - 96 cm28 - 40 kg71 - 96 cm28 - 40 kg
382 - 115 cm40 - 70 kg82 - 115 cm40 - 80 kg
496 - 138 cm70 - 90 kgnot availablenot available

Attachable Extras for the IDC® Powerharness

  • Chest Pads & Belts: a range of attachments for added support and comfort depending on your dog’s needs. IDC® Control Y Belt With Front D-Ring also available to allow front leash attachment.
  • Saddle Bags: allowing storage. Smaller Side Bags available harnesses sized Baby 1 to Size 4. Larger Saddle Bags for Sizes 0 to Size 4.
  • Harness Lights: slot into dedicated flashlight slot to make sure you are visible at night.

Non-Restrictive Design

dog on treadmill having its movement tested while wearing a harness

Our harnesses have been proven not to hinder or restrict a dog’s movement in any way. Independent studies have shown that the IDC® Powerharness and the K9-Powerharness® do not change a dog’s natural walking pattern. This includes even when leads are attached to the harness.

It has also been shown that the harnesses do not affect running. This was proven with an in-depth track test on a variety of breeds.

Safe & High Quality Dog Gear

All of JULIUS-K9®’s dog equipment, including all of our harnesses, have been thoroughly researched and tested to ensure maximum build quality and above all dog safety.

The right harness size is important for safety and comfort. Please follow our Harness Measuring Guide to help you buy and fit the correct harness size for your dog.