Here at JULIUS-K9® we are dedicated to developing only the very best dog harnesses and equipment. That’s why we strongly believe in thorough research and objective scientific testing to help guide our product development.

Over the years our range of harnesses have undergone live field testing at dog racetracks to ensure they don’t hinder speed or mobility, and have been rigorously lab tested to prove they don’t alter a dog’s natural walking patterns and so are safe and comfortable.

Because of this commitment to quality, the JULIUS-K9® brand is respected by its customers and we are trusted to provide equipment to police and special force dog units, professional trainers, and private security firms all over the world.

Counterfeiters try to piggyback of our hard earned name and pass off inferior and unsafe products with the JULIUS-K9® branding. To prove the vast difference in our quality products versus knock-offs, BBC’s Fake Britain undertook extensive quality tests proving our official dog gear is safe, reliable, and heavy duty.

Disreputable companies have also undertaken negative marketing strategies against our brand to try and tarnish our established name. This is especially frustrating as they try to not only discredit our products but also everything we stand for in terms of trying to provide the safest, most reliable, and most comfortable equipment for dogs and their owners.

Listening To Customers

We are proud that for many years our products have been regularly praised by customers, dog trainers, and veterinary professionals. As a result of this regular feedback we have a comprehensive and independent evaluation of our equipment which helps us understand what we are doing right.

What Are Customers Say  

“In the past years the harness has practically been in continuous use, and apart from the signs of natural wear it still looks super good. I have never regretted buying this harness. We have been able to use it well in all daily life situations in water, mud, dirt or during walks in the forest. My dog has been able to run wearing the harness just as well as without it, and has always been very happy to do so.”– German customer.

“I just wanted to send your company a thank you letter for making such a sturdy product.” – Pitbull owner Stephanie Stringer   

“My harness is 12 years old, but still perfect.”- ­Bulldog owner

“Purchased the camouflage Powerharness for our Shiba Inu puppy – one of my favorite and most wise purchases for any pet, ever.”- Jordan Murray

Always Striving For Quality

Since our establishment, the JULIUS-K9® brand has always aimed for maximum results. We have been making dog harnesses for over 20 years. During this time we have sold nearly 10 million harnesses worldwide. We sew thoroughly designed harnesses where each stitch is being guided by our enthusiasm for dogs.

Before our products are marketed, we consider it extremely important to check the usability of our harnesses through thorough and regular testing, and we also monitor customer feedback.

All this is to give you and your pet the best possible experience!